Lubricants for metal tubes
Metal tubes
Lubricants for hot or cold forming of tubes in steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, zirconium, Inconel.


CONDAT offers a range of technical lubricants covering all operations in the manufacture of metal tubes:

  • drawing
  • rolling
  • pilger rolling
  • bending
  • shaping

With all its expertise in both the hot and cold sectors, CONDAT is able to provide the solution you need for your tube production.


Tubes for these markets:

  • automotive,
  • aeronautic,
  • metallic construction,
  • high-pressure tubes, oil and gas,
  • plumbing tubes,
  • medical applications
  • nuclear...

Associated services

In addition, CONDAT offers:

Application sub-fields

Aluminium, copper and alloys
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